Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Name necklace giveaway!

Ooo, I love giveaways! And even more so since I won the Collect Jewellery 'Mooi' necklace on Kim Gray's blog. It just goes to show that if you enter enough competitions you're bound to win something sometime (and hopefully it's something pretty to hang round your neck! ;-) I'll post a pic of the lovely thing once it has arrived in the mail :)

Now here's another Collect Jewellery giveaway on Being Brazen. Gorgeous name necklaces - so Carrie Bradshaw! Enter here.


Being Brazen said...

Thanks for mention Jenny...and congrats on winning Kim's giveaway.

Actually, I did write about name necklaces and my love of Carrie Bradshaw one the other day on another blog:

Candice said...

Hi, would u be interested in attending a Roxy Summer 2010 preview in Durban (end April)? If yes, please email me on candice(dot)macnicol(at)quiksilver(dot)co(dot)za for an invite :)

Carrie said...
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