Monday, 7 September 2009

Monday show-down

Hello Monday. Phew, it really is taking me a long time to get going today. And I can’t even blame the weather – it’s delightfully hot and summery in Jo’burg, although a big old thunderstorm would not go amiss. Something to settle the dust and wash away the winter dullness of the Highveld.

I had a busy busy weekend, but the summer open days on Friday and Saturday at The Peech were a hit, with Jozi girls coming out of their winter hiding places and throwing themselves at summery prints and bare skin. All in all a lot of fun. Except for the giant jelly beans which seemed a good idea initially, but ended up making me feel sick and tooth-achy...

Today has been marginally productive. I found some divine fabric at the Plaza which is going to make a magical maxi dress, and I scored a vintage Marni dress at my favourite second hand haunt, Rags and Lace on Jan Smuts. It is truly beautiful and makes me feel pretty :)

I also discovered another blog love Skinny Bitches (in the making) which is funny and clever and definitely something to perk up a slow Monday.

And now something for the other Converse fans. Lanvin’s celebrating their 120th anniversary and have collaborated with Converse, designing this white/blue high top 1976 leather sneaker, complete with custom Lanvin tags. Something else to buy online. Sigh.

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Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

Thanks so much for the mention!
Funny, clever and perky! You're making us blush! Please post pictures of your new stock in Cape Town. am in the mood to go shopping!

Jenny said...

I'm always in the mood to go shopping :)

Lucky for you (and me), i'll be doing open days in Cape Town at the Grand Daddy: 9 Oct (2pm - 8pm) and 10 Oct (9am - 1pm). Would be lovely to meet you!

Skinny Bitches in the Making said...

Awesome! will definitely be there!